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/ Monday, January 31, 2011

Juste debout 2011 Singapore Judge Showcase Part 2

Legend (popping) and Khan (locking)


Juste debout 2011 Singapore Judge Comment


Hope u guys gt bring knee guard today ;0

Your's Lovely
Caveman :D

~Let's TAKO!
12:39 PM


/ Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hey guys!

i'm uploading the Juste debout Judge showcase and "words of wisdom" from the judges..

here is the Terry and meech's showcase


the rest still uploading hehe...

Your's lovely
Caveman :D

~Let's TAKO!
11:04 PM


Judges Showcase part 2



Judges comment


oh i hope u all gt bring knee guard today !! see u all ltr ~~

Your's Lovely
Caveman :D

~Let's TAKO!
9:54 PM


Hey guys i'm free on Tuesday morning !

9am - 2pm

faster book me ASAP !!! FASTER FASTER !!

Your's Lovely
Caveman :D

~Let's TAKO!
4:43 PM


YAY im done teaching choreo ~~~ and so is everyone else can start mass cleaning!!

Ehh bar you want get sam to do the recording either monday or tuesday so we can settle the mix asap? suggestion nia =D


~Let's TAKO!
11:42 AM


Hi guys, here are the updates of Tako training =)

Monday(31 Jan) -  6pm-8pm
Tuesday(1 Feb)  -  12pm-1pm?? (someone update about this?)
                              6pm-9pm (w/o justin)

So we gotta update justin about any changes for tuesday night's training. Most probably me and reu will go thru with him wad he missed out after CNY.
Yup. we wont be having training from 2Feb all the way till 6Feb. CNY PEOPLE!
Although its CNY, we gotta still keep listening to the songs till we're used to the timings and stuff yeah? =D

Also. Lets hope the shirt comes to us quickly. =D First design. abit chui =( sorry! i'll do a better one next time! PROMISE! cuz next time, i no sch liao~! HAHA! got ample time!

Yeah and thats all man~! WOOOOO.


~Let's TAKO!
7:49 AM


TakoShirt. / Friday, January 28, 2011

Guys, this is the shirt we'll b making for tako. it is compulsory for those involved in dance fiesta competition. for those not involved, u may choose to buy or not to buy.
And jowee, we need u to contact the shirt company asap? =P

Please rmb that there are trainings today and tml night. yeah. and for tonight's training, jiayou =)

Sizes for tshirt:

Sam: XL
Justin: XXL
Bartho: XXL
Joshua: XXL
Jowee: ?
Reuben: M
Sunat: M
Danial: XL
Nam: M


the print we wan is A3 and ask them

to print properly cos that time danzation

"True bboy"

Ben's shirt the print at the stomach there

fucking cb reuben everyone reply me except u !

~Let's TAKO!
11:32 AM




ALL THE BEST in everything you do be it work, dance and many other stuffs!

JIA YOU TO R.A. in SDD! Have a great birthday!

With many loves,
Joshua and all of Takobeats =)

~Let's TAKO!
12:41 AM


12.12 AttrAct DIGITS・TUT / Thursday, January 27, 2011


see their hand and fingers siao wan ! :o

Your's Lovely
Caveman :D

~Let's TAKO!
2:23 PM


Guys please stretch well b4 tml's prac. will be a harsh one!~ heh! and please be more creative tml for the 'freestyles' haha! okay. see u guys~ =D


~Let's TAKO!
2:05 PM


I'll repost here since you guys asked me too haha.

Basically ytd i went through the timing for most of the song. Good thing you all got it so mission accomplished. Try to remember the angles for the steps, will go clean more next time once I finish teaching everything next week. So in the meantime listen to the song (all 3) and go thru steps in ur head (it helps!)

Anyway jiayou!!! We can do this!


~Let's TAKO!
10:24 AM


Updates. / Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey takos! i just realised we got no time already. seriously NO TIME. U all see ahh.. right after CNY rest which is the 2-6feb, only left with wad, 2weeks of training b4 we go up n rock the stage? So i'm suggesting that next week we should have trainings on monday AND tuesday. Tuesday shld be a long long training night since all of us no class on tuesday right? Yeah!

And next. When are we mixing our songs together? Reu, when u going to do your recording?

And lastly, COSTUME? Mai tu liao! everytime ask u all. u all say 'dun need so fast la. chill'
chill chill chill. later on that day we wear boxers up to stage. that 1 sure funny. lol!

Okay. its important to chiong training. but dun forget to have fun together every training! haha!

Yeah. and nb, i only slept 3hrs ytd. gd luck to me later for reuben's slot and B class.

Housolomew. =)

~Let's TAKO!
11:03 AM


Hey Guys ! i hope u all like the changes i did to the blog !

if u guys gt any suggestions pls bring up ok ? gd or bad, jus say nia !

anyway i was suggesting to Bartho that instead of TAKO we change it to :


nt exactly change la.. jus that the TAKO change to jap nia lol.. (it's a jap word afterall) hehe :D !

what u all think ? swee bo ?

Your's lovely
Caveman :D

~Let's TAKO!
1:57 AM


/ Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello hope u all enjoy the training yesterday!!

sry if it was too boring and tiring ... :(

but i can see the piece is slowly getting tgt and is slightly neater !

we mus continue to jy ok!!!

sian sia my knee nw swollen because of yesterday's class! cb #$%^&*()_ !


Yours Lovely,
Caveman :D

~Let's TAKO!
11:50 AM


/ Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey guys, in case you guys don't know. Dance Fiesta has sent us an email. Please do go and see it. It states the dates and venues and what time to report for registration.

And make sure yall bring knee pad on wed arh, sophan continuing choreo so can use for his class too.

See you all again on wed! Jiayou guys, have a good rest!


~Let's TAKO!
11:42 PM


Ehh for my training on wednesday...

Bring knee pads. I want try the recovery from Justin's ending position.
Doing cleaning so we be quite chill before class.

Btw~ I might be late cos my class ends at 6pm. Dunno if will extend. You all just go thru steps 1st if thats the case.


~Let's TAKO!
2:45 PM


Hihi all! Sunday 23rd Jan hear Sophan's story very interesting uh!! Karen may have felt sleepy but I personally like to hear ppl's past experiences. You can learn a few pointers here and there. But the main thing from Sophan's story is what???


However let's not make that a rule when we have practice, let's not make it something that we have to follow and abide by. I'm not saying that we should be, but let that characteristic of not being complacent be part of us naturally. Always saying 'eh dun complacent uh' to each other is a good reminder but you know, we shouldn't be having the need to do tt. Our mindset should already have that in place. Get what i mean? DISCIPLINE is something we need in a crew. I say first arh, I'm not shooting or saying anything here ok, just wanna say tis once more. Just a reminder(:

Also one more thing we need to remember most is why we're dancing. We dance just cause we LOVE dancing. As Ann said before. So let's look forward to trainings, look forward to classes. And by this, let's not give ourselves stress by saying we need to get to finals otherwise very sad. Maybe yall not stress la, but I feel stress. Stress like cannot let the choreographer down, need to choreo something zai for the group. These kinda stuff. So when we come for training. Let's make it an enjoyable one. Let us be both focus on task and yet have fun at the same time. Why? Cause we love dancing and we should enjoy what we're doing. So when we go up each time on stage, let's just treat it as another prac, just with nicer clothing, nicer hairstyles and with more people watching. I want us to most importantly HAVE FUN on stage. Someone screw up, its ok, dun beat yourself up cause of that. Its not something embarrassing cause we all make mistakes. That's what I believe in.

One last thing I would wanna say to your guys is that we should always ENCOURAGE AND LOVE each other. We may scold each other, shout vulgarities, get annoyed at each other. Even though it may be play play one, but at the end of the day let's keep pushing each other on. Some may get demoralize during practice, stress when the date is nearer. But let's spur each other on with words of encouragement during that period of time, so that as a crew, together we can be assured as one. We can feel for each other.

For me that time when I was sick during Danzation, and I didn't come for Friday morning's run. And when I came in the afternoon. I received many wonderful welcomes of asking whether I was fine, whether I was alright by instructors and fellow item dancers. It made me feel very loved, very belonged. And especially when I opened the holding room door and I was greeted with a cohered sound of 'SAMMMMMM' I was actually very overwhelmed at that moment. I was really touched that I was speechless. All I could say was hi hi hi, yea im fine thx. You all made me feel important, feel loved, feel needed, feel really belonged, feel encouraged. And I really Thank God for all of you. I really do. I thank God for placing me in NP, for allowing me through the auditions, and for getting to know each and everyone of you. Cause He has placed me in a very loving family which I love very much. And because of this I really believe the BONDS that we have is very very important. I wanna form deeper bonds with all of you, whether you're in B class or A3 it doesnt matter. That's not a boundary between us that should stand in our way. Dun feel left out, Cause every single one of you will be in my heart. I dun wish to see ppl leaving NRA cause when a family member leaves its heartbreaking. I wanna see us grow as one. As we graduate and ppl go army there may be some incidents that we can't prevent. But nonetheless i hope that we can all stay tgt. ESP wif TAKO! My crew!! No matter what let's always stay together. Its not about bromance but I love all of you and I really wanna be in this little family for as long as I can.

So I've said a whole chunk of stuff. hahahaha. but I just hope we can all be closer with the same mindset with the same love for dance. Let's improve together and push each other on. I love TAKO and NRA!! <3 jiayouuuuu! (:


~Let's TAKO!
12:20 PM


Okay hello. i duno how much are we going to update this blog. but lets try to keep this blog updated and have all our memories here. Any takomembers are allowed to update =)

First off, The Schedule for this week~

Monday(24jan)      - 6pm-8pm (Justin)
Wednesday(26jan) - 6pm-8pm (Reuben)
Friday(28Jan)        - 6pm-9pm (Bartho)
Saturday(29jan)     - 7pm-10pm (All)

Yeah. Lets all enjoy the trainings and the bondings we have together during training...
Okay this blog will be open to public right? =D
Lets do this guys. i duno wad to blog about. so yeah thats all. =) Shall update on other things soon!


~Let's TAKO!
11:47 AM